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Benefits Of Ayurveda For Healthy Semen

Fair because it is vital to have a great seed for a great abdicate, within the same way it is essential to have immaculate and defect free semen for a sound child. Semen could be a natural liquid that more often than not contains sperm. Semen may be a blend of emissions from sperm, seminal organ, prostate and ureteric organs. Semen is additionally called “Venus”. Rasa, blood, tissue, fat, bone, marrow and Shukra…these seven metals hold the body. These are slowly fortified and our count calories inevitably changes into the seventh dhatu Shukra. Our body remains solid as it were when the seven metals are solid and solid. Out of these seven metals, the seventh metal Shukra is the foremost predominant. Unadulterated and blemish-free semen is thick, smooth, white, velvety like sweet, non-burning and smooth as glass. Though the semen that’s lean, sloppy, yellow, lean smooth, rancid, foamy and dribbling like water is sullied, powerless and disordered.

How semen is made-

Semen could be a very profitable metal of the body. The method of making semen from nourishment is exceptionally long. When nourishment is processed, its juice is to begin with shaped. It is processed for five days and gets to be blood. After five days, tissue is shaped from blood, fat, bone, marrow and at long last Venus is shaped by a contrast of 5 days. In this way, it takes almost a month for the arrangement of Shukra from the slim down.

Causes of defective semen :_

labor over power
excessive sex
nutritional deficiencies
unnatural ejaculation
consumption of substances against nature
having sex with a sick person
How to increase shukra dhatu (Semen) :
Good diet is the key to good health. If the diet is not good and the digestion process is not correct, then less blood will be formed and due to less blood, semen along with other metals is also made less in terms of quality and quantity. Along with this, any kind of disease obstructs the process of making semen or infection in the body affects the quality of semen. When semen is low, sex power and libido also decrease. That is why special diet and medicinal plants have been told in Ayurveda, whose consumption increases overall health, especially energy and fertility.

Consumption of the following substances may increase semen in the body:

sugared cow’s milk
Butter / Ghee
Urad Dal
Seed of tulsi
black sesame
acacia gum
Safed musli
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