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About Us

Herbal Indian is a Brand that is supported by three companies that collectively work toward delivering Mother Earth’s purest of ingredients in the safest and most suitable forms to mankind.We offer these products in collaboration with Bongshankar Import Export Pvt Ltd who is our procurement and distribution partner

With the partnered organic farms in the lush green valleys of Chambal Valleys Madhya Pradesh; the Testing & Manufacturing Unit in Ujjain & Rajasthan, and Distribution and Marketing Centers in the Financial Capital of India: Mumbai, we commit you to the purest of the Health Supplements your body can rely on for great health.

To offer our customers high-quality products we are using only natural ingredients that are approved by FDA, GMP, and WHO standards. Our facility is registered with FDA & USDA and ISO9002 certified.

Today, the popularity of herbs and Ayurveda is increasing with each passing day. People utilize herbs to eradicate several health problems. Although several people are choosing herbal products for their healing properties, there are many who still do not know about herbal products and their importance in curing diseases. It is highly advisable to buy herbal products from a company that offers quality products that are 100% natural and do not have any side effects. This can be done by buying your desired herbal product from our company since we are the best herbal product company in India. We offer quality products at an affordable price range.

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